Monday, 8 November 2010

@ Phil: Space Project


Hey Phil I thought I would give you a quick update on my progress so far:

Im still developing my thumbnails, I believe I have around 40ish done, im gonna wait until I reach 50 so I can upload each set in 25's so its easier for anyone to see my 'train-of-thought'. SO far im struggling with perspective drawing, but I do have a few books in the post coming to me so I can learn more about it.

Final 3 Pieces:
Im starting to gather and piece rough thumbnails/drafts of each of my areas, so far I have chosen to do the Library, the cave/crater/crack where they travel through and finally a corridor of the submarine itself, which im a bit unsure of due to lack of detail I will be able to put in, but Im hoping it would give a good atmosphere.

Essay Question:
So far I have just been gathering thoughts for my essay, so far Im leaning towards writing about Bioshock 1/2 simply because I have had a love for these two since their release three years ago, I thought it would also be positive for me to focus on one particular area within the game, for example:
Enviroment Design
Character Design
The creation of the Big Daddy
The relationship between the Big Daddy and the Little Sister
The Big Daddy vs Big Sister: Character Manipulation

Im not sure if you had heard of the game, so I thought I would provide a link to the first game's trailer:

Perspective Drawing Exercises:
I know there are some exercises that you have linked for us, I have had a look through all of them but I was unsure if you wanted us to produce our own versions of the guides/tutorials?

I also thought it to be wise for me to give myself a timetable! So I do believe so far with my progress im on track...      If there is anything else you think I should research please feel free to say.


  1. Interim Online Review 09/11/10

    Hey Ben,

    Hmmmm - you're choosing to depict.... a corridor? I might be way off, but my instincts say 'cop out'. I know you're worrying about perspective and the technical aspect of depicting these, admittedly, complex spaces, but a corridor - really? Do you think that was why you, as a creative individual, were commissioned to 'imagineer' these escapist, extraordinary spaces? Your thumbnails-so-far tell a similar story; you appear to be keeping your visions at a very 'domestic' level; many of these thumbnails depict a corner or aspect of the space. What I'm not seeing is any grandeur or much ambition. Is this a return to those old 'risk-averse' ways, Ben? I get a strong sense of your anxiety from your thumbnails - a reluctance to think big - just incase you're unable to complete your vision. Remember our conversation, Ben - it is much better to fail trying, than succeed in doing nothing...

    I'm not seeing very much on here re. your visual concept; i.e. the style rules governing the approach to your visualisation of these environments... what SORT of world is this? Indeed, WHEN is it? Who is the audience for this animation you've been commission to 'imagineer' - is it a 'Cartoony' animation, is it sci-fi pulp-style, or is it Avatar hyper-realism? At the crit, the big question will concern your role as a production designer (alongside your role as the concept artists). If you haven't yet had an opportunity to read the production design articles on myUCA/Space/Unit Materials, then I suggest you do.

    So - to summarise - more courage, Ben - you're an 'imagineer', so do away with those domestic-scale environments - go large! And, you need to identify, develop and refine your visual concept that underpins every decision you'll make in the preparation of your final 3 scenes.

  2. Re. your film reviews; while the content is solid enough, there's a lot of waffle in there and some meandering sentences and lots of conversational-style. I'm encouraging students to use their reviews as opportunities to further refine their essay technique and academic 'voice' - for a great, succinct review, check out Andriana's summary of the Wizard of Oz - not a wasted word or unnecessary sentence.

    Regarding your essay - Bioshock is a good choice for obvious reasons, but stay clear of character design UNLESS it assists you in talking about the production design; remember the title of the unit...

    Here is a list of links back to the CGAA Group Blog, where I have recently uploaded loads of information regarding the way I want students to tackle their written assignments. As you now prepare your unit 2 assignments on production design, pay close attention to the advice given. I will be looking for clear improvement in terms of use of language, academic ‘voice’, use of conventions, argument structure and correct methods of referencing.

    Academic style/Do’s & Don’ts

    1st Person to 3rd person conversions

    Use of footnotes

    How to satisfy essay criteria/assignment presentation/hyperlink to referencing methods

    Also – be sure to check out the 2 student essays uploaded to myUCA/Space/Unit Materials – good examples of degree level written assignments. Take the time to read them.

  3. I recon you are right regarding the corridor, I have not 100% set my mind on this area, but I think my own conscious is copping out without me even realising it, but thank you for pointing it out and I will avoid the corridor and pick another area.
    Im sorry my reviews do waffle, it was kinda the way I was taught in secondary school and it has stuck to me, but I will try my best to avoid this also.
    Regarding the small scale designs of my work, I am not the most confident of artists, and these projects are my first ever bit of concept art produced on a computer; I’m more at home to photo manipulation but I have been doing drawing tutorials and reading books when I have a chance so I hope my skills will show improvement in the near future.

    Also please bare with me regarding posts as my internet hasnt been working for the past few days...