Monday, 13 September 2010

Canterbury College, 3D Studio Max, '08 to '10

So I thought it would be a good idea for me to post some work from my college (Canterbury College) where I have recently just left, it ranges in all different formats and programmes and I really enjoyed doing each piece mainly because I see myself creating new worlds that I didn’t even know existed which has been my life long dream.

The image of the train you see next to this text was actually my first ever piece of 3D work that I had created, we basically sat in class while the lecturer yelled at us if we extruded one piece more than the other one, but I still loved my class because I found it so significant to what I wanted to do when I was older. Later on I learnt how to render a bit better than a basic white background so I went back and made a half decent render of this train.

My next project was to design and create a mech of some sort, this could range from a military-missile-shooting-nuclear-booming-crazed robot, to others that were just made to mow lawns, I wanted a robot that had a ball for legs, I got this inspiration from a character out of the movie Robots (sorry I don't remember his name), but I also wanted a unusual adaptation of the human body on my mech itself, in this case there is a hole through the head of the mech, which I have found to be a rarity amongst us humans… thus making it my adaptation.

When I had completed the mech, one of my fellow students commented that it look female, to be honest I never really had a gender in mind when creating the mech, but I thought it was fitting, so I changed the hands/guns to hair dryers ^^

Not to sound too cocky but I would usually finish my work in other “word processing classes” quite quick, so I had a tendency to find my way back onto 3D Studio Max to create more models, two of which I’m most proud of were my lego man, which literally took minutes to do, although I think he came out looking quite professional; the other being a blob creature which I mimicked from the movie Monsters Verses Aliens, this was the first model that I truly fnound the wondrous world of vertices.

Our class also took part in building a city that was themed with Steam Punk, for those of you who dont know what Steam Punk is, it is the concept of using materials such as wood or stone and use them to create advanced pieces of technology such as space crafts.

I was given three plots of land, where I create a hangar (for a friends airport) a helipad and finally a pub, unfortunately due to me not backing up my files and switching them from different verisions of 3D Studio Max the files corrupted, but I did manage to get one final building created for my end of year builing, which was a gear shop that was full textured.

I also liked the idea of using graffiti to trade mark my own creations, in this case I have a keen sense for birds and in particuar Sparrows, so I textured in Photoshop the word Sparrow on the back of the building.


  1. welcome to the bloggosphere, Ben - some nice work posted here - I don't think Alan shouts at students in his classes (not so far, anyway!).

  2. Hah, that lego figure is brill! Loving the work here :)

  3. Last shots were from that Steampunk City project we were given in college (with Paul)? Cool stuff :)

  4. Alan never yells in class. Not even when I fall asleep in there.

  5. (That's not to say it's boring by a long shot. The whirring of computers, the sauna like room and the late night drinking caused it!)