Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Canterbury College, Photoshop, '08 to '10

Hey guys and girls, this is some of my "best" photoshop work that I was created between the periods of '08 to '10.

PLEASE NOTE, I didn't create a majority of the logos or titles, but some where edited a great deal from the original.
First batch consists of personal work that I did in my free time...

The first image is just a image of a artic scene this guy created, but I didn't think it looked....."cold" enough, so I turned it into a night sky artic theme instead...

This time I was just messing around with colours etc.

I always wanted to learn how to do light sabre kinda swurls, so I put my head down and learnt.


This image is one of my favourites, it reminds me of Super Mario Galaxy. I especially like the cloud effect.

This selection of posters is from my FMP at Canterbury College, I was briefed to create a series of game posts, so....

The Red Dead Redemption poster was put on show, so I decided to burn the bottom of the poster to make it look more...."Red-Dead"

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