Monday, 27 September 2010

Supporting Splicing Scorpion Work (drawings)


For our first creative project we were asked to splice and mutate our selves with a particular animal, and then do a self portait within Photoshop of ourselves, in my case, I recieved the Scorpion...
I have been doing some research and drawings into the arm/hand/bicep area of my spliced self, so far I’m deliberating whether or not to split the arm totally, join the fingers to have a three large fingers, or even have half the arm with a pincer coming out the arm itself, almost like the fingers have dissolved and the pincer has literally ripped out of my arm….here are a few drawings so far….

This first image is a begining process, the kind of process where you glance at your hand, and you seem something out of the ordinary, its kinda the part of your life where you wonder, how on Earth did this happen...

This image is illustrating for myself the idea of when you know something is changing (I would hope so if your arm ripped off). It is when you know you wont be yourself for much longer. I came up with this pose from the games Bioshock 1 & 2, through out the game you can see your hand which can be blended with different elements, this pose in particular is from eletricity, im a huge fan so I wanted to use my "Bioshock-knowledge" to better my work.

This next drawing I wanted to see the pincer coming through the arm, as if it was putting a glove on, except for the glove is your arm, I also figured that if I did have a pincer for a arm then my bicep would definitely need to stretch, thus giving my fingers (if they stay attached) could reach my mouth in order to place food in there.I thought it was quite logical.

Skeletal Cross Overs
Here are a couple of sketetal cross over designs, I of course had the problem of Scorpions now having skeletons, but I decided to use the entire body of the skeleton and translate it over. The only main difference of course is the tail, which I couldn't include in one of the cross overs because I believe it to be close to physically impossible for a human to sprought a tail that long, but it doesn't mean it will be cut from my final self portrait image.

 Rough Sketches and Ideas

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  1. Hey Ben - check out Nat's comparative anatomy studies for her frog/human hybrid: notice how she's actually using the specific characteristics of her creature to explore the possibilities for mutation. Her approach is very authentic and research-based and I'd like to see you develop your understanding in a similar way...