Friday, 15 October 2010

Final Self Portrait Work

To Be Continued...


  1. Hey Ben - from this post it seems as if you think you've finished your portrait? I can't help suggesting that your decision to base your image solely around a Photograph of yourself is a bit of a disappointment; i think this approach has caged your creative development, and inhibited its ability to be truly expressive. I'd strongly suggest that you see this image as 'the one before the final' - you're not done yet. You've got a few more days to blow me away!

  2. I didn't base the final image on a photograph. I based the photograph on a image I had in my head.
    I wanted my character to be in this pose, and thought the best way to get this pose with the proportions (not to mention it is a self portrait) would be to get myself in this pose and photograph it.

  3. Okay - but nonetheless, there's a lack of actual detail in this image; for instance, the hand/claws, the face, and the way in which the tail joins the body. I'd like to see you develop that pose more; I've really pushed other students to understand their hybrids in the round - profiles etc. Also, proper head studies and developmental drawings etc. You're playing it very safe, Ben. I'm not suggesting that what you've done is without value, or that this photo-based method isn't helpful, but I suspect you're avoiding some of the real challenges implied by this brief; take a quick browse around the blogs of your classmates and you'll see that your current body of investigative work is comparatively 'vanilla'. Please don't freak out; you've got time to drill in more and produce a more interesting and sophisticated result.

    (There really is no detail/texture in your image; from toenails to insect-like bristles, to glints in those black, beady eyes...) This is a developmental drawing - not a finished portrait. You're obviously attached to it and relieved you've finished it, but you can do better, I'm certain of it.

  4. I can understand where you are coming from, I think I am playing it safe within reason, but i think im only doing this because it's my first project, I'm quite a nervous wreck at the moment, I do believe once I get into one or more projects I will start to work better, it's just me adjusting.

    I will take your advice and use this image as my "one before my final" and improve on this image.

    Thanks for the advice Phil