Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Maya Pen

The pen is mightier than the sword….
I found the pen quite easy, it was very straight forward, and simple. The main challenge was choice of colour to make it look as real as possible, so it comes in a choice of colours….red or blue?


  1. Anatomy: Interim Online Review 05/10/2010

    Hey Ben,

    It’s good to see your Maya insecurities are on the wane and your confidences are rallying. It will get easier – and more addictive! Regarding your blog, I detect a continuing timidity running through your work; there seems to be an awful lot of white paper on show, with tentative pencil lines. In the coming days I want to see more boldness from you as you explore your hybrid. You seem rather afraid of picturing it; for instance, you don’t appear to have dealt with your/its face. By now, you will have seen that I’ve highlighted approaches to resolving the hybrid that favour an ‘inside-to-outside’ method; that is, starting with human proportions/skeletal structure and mapping the animal onto it. I’ve suggested to a number of students now that they draw their own face – their own likeness (remember, this is a self-portrait project too), and then, in sequence, gradually move towards the hybrid self (as opposed to trying to ‘see’ the results of the hybridization from the word go). I suppose I just want to get a sense that you’re attacking the challenge of this unit more. You really need to look at the quality of the scans/photos you’re uploading; take the time to get them presentable.

  2. The posted film reviews are nicely put together in terms of content and style, but I don’t see your essay question anywhere…. I hope this means you’re motoring through it, not hiding. Put an essay related post together asap so I can take a look.

    Visit 2nd year Leo Tsang’s unit 1 blog from last year for an example of what a great ‘creative development’ blog can look like; the brief was a little different then, but the expectation of what a student can produce in 5 weeks was not. Take the time to work backwards through his posts. This is what a creative project at degree level looks like…


    A general reminder that, alongside everything else you need to have ready for crit day, you also need to submit an offline archive of your creative development blog. There is a way of exporting your blog as PDF via Blogger – which would be ideal for this purpose. Incase you missed the original post, Alan gives details here:


    And finally – now is the time to return to the brief; time and again, students fail to submit what they’ve been asked to produce – and how; usually because they haven’t looked properly at the brief, or haven’t done so since week one. Trust me on this; just take a few minutes with a highlighter pen to identify what is required, when, and how. Remember – non-submissions are dumb!