Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Aids Campaign

We are meant to be designing out spliced selves with the idea that we travelled with our creature through a teleportation device, mine being the scorpion, but this image leads me else where....

It’s interesting the reaction I see when someone sees this image, first is disgust, then curiosity, then realisation of what aids can create, I believe these two posters are very effective, especially for those who fear scorpions and spiders...

Another thing to note is the fact that both these creatures come in a variety of colours, for example, the scorpion I am researching is a Deathstalker Scorpion which is indeed yellow, and I'm highly aware that spiders come in a range of colours; with the creatures colours it is also interesting to see the contract they have against the backgrounds, which of course is close to pure white. All these notifications are there for a reason, the colour of the creature to disgust and let us associate it with dirt, and the white backgrounds to bring this feeling forward to the viewer more.

I can also understand the choice of these two creatures, being two of the most feared insects its understandable to relate them to something you can see, but fear. When I was thinking of other creatures they could have possibly replaced them with also barely any come to mind, and the ones that do, don't match these two.

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